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As a Viennese-born citizen who is equally at home in Austria as well as Munich, Bavaria, I would like to present this cultural area to our English-speaking guests from abroad. Let me be your guide to the multifaceted landscapes, historical cities, fascinating landmarks and artifacts. Discover interesting local cultural traditions.

I am an extensively trained tourist guide and offer great mobility, flexibility and year-long experience as a museum education officer and tour guide.

I offer my services to independent travellers, tour and bus operators. Any such persons or operators can contact me directly in order to plan excursions or trips, thus allowing for detailed and individual planning. Use my various tour offers as an inspiration for your travel plans. I will then work out half-day or full-day tours or even trips lasting several days. If you wish, your trip may even be combined with visits to restaurants where you can try typical local delicacies. Austria and Bavaria are also famous for their manifold cultural offers such as classical music, operettas or musicals which may also be included in the excursion or trip.

I also offer special tours for groups interested in art or general history in Austria and Germany.


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